Saturday, 16 April 2011


Welcome to Awesome, the only place where you can find awesome videos hand picked by me!
Todays videos are all about human powered things going downhill (hopefully unlike this blog)... Enjoy!

So lets get the ball rolling already!
First up, we have downhill longboarding!
A longboard is a skateboard variant, similar to a surfboard or snowboard with wheels. It is used for cruising, downhill racing, slalom racing, sliding, and all around fun.

Latins on bicycles sponsored by redbull riding down stairs?
Sounds awesome!
And keeping with the theme of posting my personal favorite last 
We have the 666 rail! a 203metre rail, beside a cliff.

The 666 rail was so impressive that it was even featured on a "Real or fake?" type German television show
Even years later Chris Haffey (as seen above) was able to complete the daunting 203m challenge with a camera crew around. Truly an awesome man.
If you want to watch him redo the rail ill post a link right here

Thanks for checking out todays post!
Much love and ill see you guys in a few days.


  1. That extreme downhill biking in Peru is something else, must take balls of steel

  2. lol nice vids you should post up the thousands of people falling and destroying their shit from riding downhill

  3. You always know the right video's to post to cheer me up!

  4. @Pop - Ill be sure to get that on another day

    @GM-Bloggers - Im actually really happy that my blog could do that thanks for the comments

  5. That top video's pretty sick :d

  6. I was terrified to watch some of those.

  7. holy shit those vids are scary

  8. I once tried to longboard down a hill and now have nice scars up and down my left side.

  9. haha these were awesome videos, a little bit dangerous