Friday, 22 April 2011

Dance dance dance! #27

Alright! So! today's blog post is all about dance, yea I'm aware i already did a day similar to this before... But I've been holding onto this video for ages and I've finally found others to pad it out with!

First off, we have a one legged ballet dancer dancing with a one armed girl!
This video is so bad ass it makes me want to vomit kittens! good for them!

So the above video was just more or less padding for this!
The expression crew is one of my all time favorite dance crews ever! in this performance the music is done by  Yann Tiersen (also one of my favorite artists)... Long story short story shorter, its awesome and i wanted to share it with you guys.

This video was also meant to be padding but it might just be more impressive then the last one.
 For those of you who've played Dance Dance Revolution (aka DDR), there is a harder version made by ROXOR called In The Groove (or ITG)
People ended up hacking ITG machines in order to put custom songs into it like the above!
Some of the song custom charts get pretty insane!

Thanks for checking out today's post, hope you guys enjoyed and ill see you in a few days <3


  1. I like the first one the most :D

  2. thats pretty good for missing limbs lol

  3. I don't even know where to start...

  4. Some pretty sweet videos there, great post =]

  5. It's funny how some people are missing limbs, yet they still dance way better than I do.

  6. Man that top video is amazing, fair play to the two of them.