Tuesday, 28 June 2011

More cool shit! #48

So! like we always do here at Awesome, the title says it all!
Today post is all about MORE cool shit!

And here we go!
First up we have drive thru magic! I honestly cant get enough of the peoples reactions and his responses.

Next up we have a three toed sloth crossing the road.
this sloth is like "OH SHI- I CAN FLY!"
And lastly, here's an awesome Samsung commercial i found and wanted to share with you guys

Hope you guys enjoyed, ill see you in a few days <3

Thursday, 23 June 2011


So googles been a bit of a pain in the ass for me in the last while... they decided to shut down my Adsense because... well... there jerks!
I have attempted to email them multiple times, to no response and frankly im annoyed!
So google adsense, this video is for you.

Today is going to be another mix mash of fun, hope you guys enjoy!

First up! an awesome quadruple front, i freaking LOOOVE the guys reaction at the end!

Next next up is a redbull competition, (which are always awesome) i just cant get enough of this stuff!

And lastly, whats more fun then watching a guy getting a flashbang to the nuts at a good ole' riot!

I hope you guys enjoyed, this has been Awesome, and ill see you guys in a few days
Thanks and much love <3

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

OH MY GOD OW!!! #46

So today is all about those awesome times when you get to watch stupid people get hurt!
I like to think of it as survival of the fittest

And here we go!
I honestly find this video re-donk-u-las-ly hilarious, he slams into the sign soooo hard... and yet manages to walk away.... Darwin would be so proud!

Next up,  one of my alltime favorite prank videos!
I loooooooove it!

And lastly, something everyone should (not) try!

Thanks for checking out today's post.
And thanks for following the blog!
Much love and see you in a few days <3

Friday, 10 June 2011

Holy shi- HOW U ALIEV!?!?! #45

Like the title says, today's post is all about those "how the dick did you survive that?" moments

William Spencer, an awesome skater in my opinion... but to this day I'm still boggled as to how the hell he managed this... Hell I'd love to see the bloopers!
This video was actually a pain in the ass to track down, it seems Redbull has removed most videos of it...
Probably because they think they'll get bad rep if people knew someone almost died...

Hope you enjoyed!
Thanks for checking out today's post, and ill see you in a few days <3

Monday, 6 June 2011

Awesome people doing awesome things in a realllly loooong post! #44

Liek the title says, today is all about AWESOME!!

lets start things off with one of my favorite gymnastics events, POWER TUMBLING!!!
This video was made because a friend bet another friend 10 bucks he couldn't do it

Next up we have awesome bagging (no not the crotch kind)

Awesome breakdance bowling!!!

And yes i know i usually do only 3 videos BUT TODAY YOU GET 4!!!!!
Just because i love this video, the song is epic and the tricks are sick!

Thanks for checking out today's post, ill see you guys in a few days <3

ALSO!! Among awesome things!
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Thursday, 2 June 2011


Like the title says today is all about MIND FUUUUUUUUUUU-

Lets start things off light, with black people!
Oh black people... ill never understand you...

Next up! a drug trip from space!

And lastly we have a full out LSD explosion! (if you enjoy sleeping i wouldn't watch this)

Thanks for checking out todays post! This has been Awesome, and ill see you in a few days.
Much love <3