Monday, 18 April 2011


Today's Awesome post is all about drawing and art skillz (the 'z' makes it sound cool!)

Over the past month a certain cat has been exploding in popularity, no its not Garfield, Felix or the Cheshire cat..
I'm talking about a cat leaving a rainbow trail of awesome lead by a body made of a Poptart, that's right, Nyan cat. This speed drawing was made by David Kingaby, all his work is amazing and I'd highly suggest checking out his youtube channel (link in the bottom)

Next up is an awesome drawing of Hugh laury's character from House
For some reason Blogspot's not letting me upload it... so ill just give a link here

Lastly we have a literally jaw dropping video of Stephen Wiltshire drawing a panoramic view of rome, from memory.

Thanks for checking out today's post and ill see you guys in a few days <3


  1. that speed painting is awesome! thanks for sharing )

  2. Damn, nice realistic twist on nyancat.

  3. wow that speed painting is really great

  4. That last one is incredible! This guy has a lot of patience.

  5. I remember seeing that guy on tv ages ago, i wonder what he's up to these days

  6. great skills , i really like your art blogs

  7. Stephen Wiltshire is a gift from God..Wow he is someone special