Saturday, 30 April 2011


Today is all about inspirational videos that I've found over the past few months!

The first one is a nike ad for running, some very nice self vs self conflict.

An Awesome body building one that i found EXTREMELY inspirational

And lastly we have an HBO inspirational video of a boxer rising from nothing to awesome!

After all “Its not about how hard you hit….its about how hard you can GET hit and still stand up…”- Rocky
I've personally found all three of these videos very inspirational over the past few months of working out and school. I hope you guys enjoyed.

Thanks for viewing, much love! and ill see you in a few days <3



  1. The first one is awesome, i cant identify myself with the boxer so they have no big impact on me.

  2. that made me wana go find my weights

    "ah, here they are"
    *reaches behind tv*
    *pulls out cheeseburger instead*
    *takes bite from cheeseburger*

  3. The last was probably the best, i didn't bother watching the second because bodybuilders creep me out

  4. Agree with the poster above. Bodybuilders are creepy.

  5. Nike always comes up with awesome commercials, and so is this one! Not sure if that will work on TV though, wonder if people would pay that much attention that long, nevertheless its great!

  6. very inspirational indeed!