Sunday, 10 April 2011

Awesome blast from the past #21

Remember back in the day when nintendo was edgy and badass? Todays post is my top three favorite Nintendo 64 commercials!

I remember when I first saw this commercial. I was in the first grade watching tv, and as soon as I saw Mario kick Yoshi my freakin world got turned up side down... This is the kind of stuff Nintendo needs to bring back!

Edgy, bad-ass, playing against the rules! old Nintendo was one BAMF
Good god, my mouth is salivating just watching that ad....

We can all agree that the Nintendo 64 was a fantastic console. It featured some of the greatest games of all time, it introduced us to the modern console FPS, and it had the best multiplayer experience at the time. Yet over the years nintendo seem's to have lost their edgy side.

So what do you guys think, is it possible for nintendo to make a comeback into the videogame market? or are they only going to continue sinking into the abyss of casual gamers and mothers wanting to try out wii fit.

Thanks for reading and ill see you guys in a few days <3


  1. i only remember seeing the smash brothers one on tv. I like to think of that time as the "golden age" of gaming.

  2. I spent my childhood yearning for a Nintendo, but instead I ended up with a Sega Genesis that was in perpetual need of repair.

  3. great commercials, the super mario smash broth one is awesome
    and i think nintendo is making good money with casual stuff ;_;

  4. Definitely reminds me of my childhood! Wow time goes by fast doesn't it!?

  5. i remember that super smash commercial too, and getting the game. and now my kid is playing the updated versions on the wii..... ugh oldness

  6. That zelda commercial was awesome. Brings back so many memories from the past.

  7. F all games, I just want my Diablo III!

  8. So much memories ;___;
    Good times!

  9. I bought a pad only to have the C button to play 64 :) You can never find this kind of pads this days.