Tuesday, 26 April 2011


WOO! We've reached 30 29 posts!
In celebration of this (not so big) achievement, ITS SLOWMO DAY!!

Jackass 3D was one of my favorite movies of 2010
and because it had some awesome slowmotion in it, i feel its only right to post it.

Next up is more parkour/freerunning (yes im another one right after parkour day...)
A slow motion wall flip back-full by Mcluvin

And lastly being i haven't posted anything awesomely magic related in a while!
Dan and Dave Buck... these guys are amazing... They've been doing magic for over 12 years and are really well known in the magic community for producing new and reworked magic tricks and all in all being godly...

Alright guys, thanks for checking out todays post. 
Hope you enjoyed and ill see you in a few days!
Much love <3


  1. Man I loved Jackass 3D!
    Laughed so hard.

  2. Loved Jackass 3d as well. The rocky punches were legendary

  3. I love magic tricks, they are entertaining.

  4. I absolutely LOVE magic tricks. Best stuff ever.

  5. hahaha oh wow guess i must check out jackass3d

  6. Proof that everything looks better slowed to a tenth of its original speed.

  7. This reminds me i still have to see the latest Jackass movie