Monday, 30 May 2011

WTF JAPAN?!?! #42

So... i really dont have a lead into todays video's....
Hope you enjoy some really awesome messed up asian videos!
And for those of you who have waited for my update (im a tid bit late due to being at amine north) HERE IT IS! 

First up! BROKEN WERE! A friend of mine showed me this at a party... its been quoted non stop ever since
"Nice traaaiin!"

Sick ass water fountain!
And this last one.... it... it.... just watch it...

Hope you guys enjoyed
Ill see you in a few days! Thanks for viewing, and much love <3


  1. asian videos are always awesome! :)

  2. ^^ i completely agree :P

  3. wtf... Japan, seriously, why? Haha I love it anyway.

  4. the last video made me cry on the inside

  5. Japanese techno dance was weird :D

  6. i like that water fountain, I am jealous we need one in america~!

  7. i live in hawaii and the japanese come here in droves, its cool because they spend a lot of money and help the economy but they dont understand retail at all.

  8. Japan certainly knows how to do INTERESTING stuff! yikes.. that certainly wouldn't fly here.

  9. What a cool fountain!!! That jap guy is either on drugs or insane! Nice post, keep it up.