Friday, 13 May 2011


So it appears my post for #35 MAGIC DAAAAY got deleted some how (very upsetting)...

BUT NEVER THE LESS! This is Awesome and we shall continue!
Today is all about MOAR DANCE!

First off, if your ever at some sort of dance club and you want to learn all the cool moves this awesome video should show you some of the basics (depending on what you want to learn)

And next up is the reason for today's post. Break-dancing is awesome!

Sorry for the short post guys, but dont worry ill have something else awesome for you in a few days.
Thanks for checking out today's post, much love and ill see you in a few <3


  1. Your post is back dude, NO NEED TO PANIC!

  2. That second video is so awesome. It really is just amazing.

  3. I love breakdancing and dnb stepping :)

  4. I love stomps! I always wished I could do some while listening to some of my good techno :]

  5. Awesome vids, I always see this kind of stuff as a new generation of dance=) Like an evolution. Keep up the great posts. Following for sure!

  6. Love that style of dance, I'm practicing it myself but no way near as good.