Thursday, 5 May 2011

Late, sick, partial fail day of AWESOME! #33

Sorry for the late update guys... Im running a fever right now... shit sucks D:
Heres some random awesome songs i enjoy though!

First up is a guitar cover of a song from one of my alltime favorite childhood games
Duke nukem 2

Following that is an 8bit tack layered with emiem, i found it pretty awesome
And lastly just an awesome song i enjoy!

Sorry for the late post guys, i should be back on schedule for Sundays post
Thanks for viewing and much love <3


  1. Feel better man!

    Oh and that Duke Nukem tribute is awesome! xD

  2. hah, the duke nukem one was pretty sweet

  3. Duke Nukem <3 It's time to kick some ass and chew bubble gum, and I'm all out of gum.

  4. duke nukem was my first game that i've played on lan... ever!

  5. OH YES! Duke Nukem epicness, love the music, thank you so much for posting, my day is good again! :D

  6. OH MAN, Duke Nukem?? Talk about Nostalgia! Brings back amazing memories from childhood... now that I'm a "grown-up" I'd sure love to revert back to childhood..

  7. ill join the bandwagon and praise the duke...nostalgia <3

  8. Nice blast from the past.

  9. Like you would say: AWESOME! ;D