Wednesday, 18 May 2011

SKATER DAY (two?)!!! #38

Like the title says! ITS SKATER DAY!!! Time to get out your skateboards and try (not) to imitate some awesome people doing AWESOME things!

First up we have some huuuuuuge air by Danny Way and Andy Macdonald
Massive ramps + people = MASSIVE AIR!!
Next up we have THE LOOOOP!!
few things put a smile on my face like watching people fail this loop (:
And lastly! Asians on skateboards to jazz music!

That's it for today's post, ill see you in a few days!
thanks for checking it out and much love <3


  1. Love it, i miss my skating days!

  2. Holy crap that first video was insane! I always wish I learned how to skateboard. Could only do an ollie lol.

  3. on the 2nd vid.. that circle thing gotta hurt

  4. the music ruined the 1st video :x

  5. I'd love to skateboard but it just seems too hard!

  6. I need a new skateboard! Looks fun bro

  7. Sick sick sick!!!!
    That tube vid is insane.
    Love the jazz as well!