Friday, 11 March 2011

What am i at #6 ? oh also OCTAGON!

So i was browsing through the depths of the internet last night at about five am, when i stumbled upon this piece of gold! Now it may have been hilarious to me because i was running off of very little sleep, but i decided that this had to to go onto my blog I would have suffered an awesome aneurysm if i didn't post this onto my blog

Let me know if you guys enjoy this kinda stuff so i can keep Awesome awesome



  1. dude...wait...i...i don't even...what?!

  2. hahah oh wow
    my brain is melting

  3. OCTOGON!!!! Also Hujo- the original song that this is based off of is called Time to Air

  4. LOLOLOL. i think i just got my laughs for today