Wednesday, 15 June 2011

OH MY GOD OW!!! #46

So today is all about those awesome times when you get to watch stupid people get hurt!
I like to think of it as survival of the fittest

And here we go!
I honestly find this video re-donk-u-las-ly hilarious, he slams into the sign soooo hard... and yet manages to walk away.... Darwin would be so proud!

Next up,  one of my alltime favorite prank videos!
I loooooooove it!

And lastly, something everyone should (not) try!

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  1. That last one...holy shit, I feel really bad for him.

  2. Also, I don't understand why guys love to hit each other in the nuts.

  3. Loved the start of the 2nd one "Gonna hit him in the nuts with a soup can" lol!

  4. lol @ heather's comment above

  5. OMG, the last one...why just...why?

  6. That first guy.... lol!