Monday, 6 June 2011

Awesome people doing awesome things in a realllly loooong post! #44

Liek the title says, today is all about AWESOME!!

lets start things off with one of my favorite gymnastics events, POWER TUMBLING!!!
This video was made because a friend bet another friend 10 bucks he couldn't do it

Next up we have awesome bagging (no not the crotch kind)

Awesome breakdance bowling!!!

And yes i know i usually do only 3 videos BUT TODAY YOU GET 4!!!!!
Just because i love this video, the song is epic and the tricks are sick!

Thanks for checking out today's post, ill see you guys in a few days <3

ALSO!! Among awesome things!
Check out a friend of mines blog
its full of awesome win so be sure to subscribe and support him!


  1. Loved the last one. Forgot what those types of stunts are called though.

  2. Great videos

  3. Those tricks need a life time training. Im jealious.

  4. @Jeremy - The last video is Freerunning :P

  5. Very nice post, i love the guy whit bags... Is he a pro or what?:D

  6. Haha that was truely awesome! =) Keep up the great posts!